The Objectivs
Our Association is a Faith Based Non-Profit Organization.

The Association purpose is to help spiritual-material and social people in need.

If you want to help us in any of the area listed below, please contact us as soon as possible

In the statute of the Association "Cu ISUS Nou Inceput" are the following objectives:

1. Creating recovery centres where: drug and alcohol addicted, prostitutes, home less and persons with deviation of behaviour as: pedophilia, homosexual, etc, to find spiritual regeneration through the Bible teachings by changing their way of life and get born again by the power of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Scriptures it is the only authority in this matter, it is teaching been given once for ever and are valid for all human community from the beginning until the end of this. It is unique and worthily of all confidence, been inspired by God.

2. Activities of visiting the prisons and contacting the young people which grow up in orphan asylum and after their release, have no home were to go, helping them to integrate socio - professional and starting a new life according to Christian standards, creating recovery centres where to find accommodation, food and Christian education, we want to help them become good Christians and regain their trust in local community, setting up work places where to receive qualifications and to finance the association needs without making the profits, according to the law.

3. Proclamation the Word of God according to Christians practice in the prisons, trying to recover the offenders and making them understand that their way of life is against the God law and government law.

4. Spreading the teachings of the Holy Scriptures by: printing and broadcasting trough newspapers -radio-TV-Internet and books, setting up Christian Radio-TV studio, printing offices and Internet Servers, according to the law.

5. Activity of religious meeting and conference, organised in Romania and abroad, which will be done in our centres or in special places.

6. Activity to wake the community and to state the reason for respecting the rules of Holy Scripture about: divorce, abortion, prostitution, alcoholism and another immoral practice, getting involved with people which have this kind of problems and trying to diminish the risk for them and theirs families.

7. Activity of helping the young people which grow up in orphanage to integrate in the community.

8. Setting up "case familiale" (family house) in which the abandoned and orphan children to find shelter and education according to Christian practice, to eliminate any kind of discrimination like: race, ethnic and of handicap, helping them to integrate in community, in natural families or finding a suitable home, by adoption, according to the Romanian law. Helping the families which take this children to look after, financially and materially to provide a decent life standard, for a good development of the children lives.

9. Setting up Christian kindergarten, in the children Christian education benefit.

10. Activity of helping the old people, by setting up centres and canteen, home care activity. etc.

11. Activity of collecting the donations of any kind from Romania and abroad for the needs of the Association.

12. Activity of promoting the Christian religion in schools and hospitals..

All this activities will be done according to the Christian standards, Romanian laws and the U.N.O convention about children and human rights.

A Faith Based Non-Profit Organisation. The Association purpose is to help spiritually, materially and socially, peoples in need. Visit " Aim and Objectives"....

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