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For a Donations, you can use the following information:

Stana de Mures Nr. 69A, com Noslac,
Jud ALBA cod 517519, Romania

Banca Comerciala Romana S.A.
Str. Transilvaniei 13, Aiud,
Jud ALBA cod 515200, Romania

Account in RON IBAN RO29 RNCB 0010 0216 0609 0001

Account in EURO IBAN RO61 RNCB 0010 0216 0609 0007



Current Goals you can donate for:

1. To buy a minibus.

2. For afterschool program.

3. For the penitentiary program.

4. To finish the construction.

5. For Furniture and Equipment Recovery Center.

6. For maintenance center and team of workers.

7. For the self-supporting program.


A Faith Based Non-Profit Organisation. The Association purpose is to help spiritually, materially and socially, peoples in need. Visit " Aim and Objectives"....

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