The Afterschool program

Another activity in which we actively involve is the fact that we are involved with a group of school-age childrens, from disadvantaged backgrounds, including orphaned children, for teach them to read and write and also some basic mathematics, because many do not attend school or not facing the demand to go and study at school. We want to have an impact on their lives in terms of education, rules of behavior in society, social integration, but also in the spiritual sphere. Our vision is that these children with problems, become future adults with a chance to normal life. That is why we have proposed that in the future we should develop this activity and constantly and systematically involve in the life of these childrens, through daily support to education, school homeworks, various development activities, and by offering a warm meal of which many of them have no part. To make this possible, there is a need for a means of transport (minibus) through which to be brought to courses, teaching materials, requisites, food donations and any other kind of support is welcome.

Also, in the future, we want to set up a group of preschoolers from the same disadvantaged lifestyle, with whom to interact and engage in their formation as future adults.

A Faith Based Non-Profit Organisation. The Association purpose is to help spiritually, materially and socially, peoples in need. Visit " Aim and Objectives"....

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